Grayson Allen Trolls Big Baller Brand on Twitter

Grayson Allen has spent most of his college career at Duke on the receiving end of trolling, but this time, he’s the one dishing it out. It started when one fan sent this to Grayson Allen’s Twitter…

“The minute this man @GraysonJAllen gets on an NBA, I’m cracking a cold one and ordering a jersey.”

And Allen had the perfect response…

That’s even a bargain. Lonzo Ball’s new Big Baller Brand shoes go for a hefty $495.

After seeing Allen respond to his bad on-the-court experiences with tantrums and more tripping, it’s nice to see him engage in some hilarious banter. Allen can definitely dish out the trolling.

At this point, with college basketball at a down-swing, and with the NBA free-agency heating up, it’s a real debate: who is the more like-able character?

LaVar Ball or Grayson Allen?

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