Fired ESPN Reporter Brit McHenry Slams Colin Kaepernick


Colin Kaepernick has often found himself in the news, and that was the certainly the case this year when the Fourth of July came around.

NFL free agent chose not to celebrate the fourth of july posting this video on his Twitter.

This inevitably raised tons of support and backlash, as most of Kaepernick’s actions do. One notable voice to speak out was former ESPN reporter Brit McHenry. She wrote this in a blog on her website.

“I’ll tell you how, Colin,” McHenry wrote. “Americans can celebrate the official birth of this nation because despite all its flaws, for one day, there’s a reminder of unity no matter how many efforts you make to dismantle it.”

“While you focus on your philanthropic efforts, which are admirable, perhaps you can also employ that same effort to go into a voting booth,” McHenry wrote. “If you’re going to continually complain about the perceived slights and rights you don’t have, perhaps take the right you do have and back it up.”

She finished her post by turning it back towards a Fourth of July message.

You are the true heroes of this country,” McHenry wrote. “My admiration will always go towards the men and women who have walked away from their loved ones, through fields of IEDs, and into the dangerous unknown,” she wrote, perhaps conflating July 4 with Veterans Day. “It will never go to the athlete who takes a knee after losing his starting job.”

McHenry is no stranger to controversy. After she was let go by ESPN, she took to Twitter to express her frustration. McHenry claims she was let go for being “openly conservative” in this screenshot obtained by Daily Mail.

Brit McHenry spoke out against Colin Kaepernick and ESPN
Former ESPN reporter Brit McHenry claims she was fired for being openly conservative. Photo via Daily Mail

Shortly after that, McHenry got into another Twitter feud. This time with ESPN contributor John Feinstein who name dropped her when talking about ESPN lay offs.


If one thing is for sure, it’s that being laid off by ESPN has really allowed Brit McHenry, like Colin Kaepernick, to openly speak their mind.

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